1. Introduction
WAEC result verification is an online web result-checking portal that provides a platform where organisations/institutions can verify the results of candidates who sat for the May/June or November/December diet WAEC examinations. It provides an avenue for verifying results
without the use of offline CDs or the carriage of result data from one place to the other.

Institutions, Employers, Embassies and other interested organisations can therefore verify the authenticity of the results of their current as well as prospective students/employees/applicants anytime and anywhere.

2. Available data
The data that can be verified currently online range from 1980 to 2011. Candidates’ pictures are not available for results earlier than 1999. Details shown include candidates’ Bio data, subjects with grades and passport photographs (if available).

3. How to gain access (Subscription purchase)
All organisations/institutions intending to utilize this service must subscribe via the online payment platform. Each payment is tied to a specific number of candidates whose results are to be verified.

The number of candidates can also be increased as the need arises. Payment is made through the lnterswitch e-payment gateway from within the application. The supported payment cards are Verve card, Master card and lnterswitch card.

A special payment card for the service is also available from WAEC Office and any branch of First bank of Nigeria Plc. Please note that all cards to be used must be Internet ready (this is
usually done from the bank that issues the card).

4. How it works
Launch the WAEC website (
• Click on the WAEC verification link on the website and wait for the site to open
• Click on the start button, and a new window will pop up (enable pop ups from your browser to allow this page to come up)

• For existing subscription, log in with your username and password
• For new subscription, click on ‘make payment’ beside the Interswitch logo
• Complete the subscription form carefully and ensure that you can remember your username, password, your secret question and answer. Note that the subscription represents the number of
candidates whose results can be verified
• Click on “submit” after completing form.

(If failure occurs, it could be due to instances such as power outage, network failure or system breakdown)
• From the secure lnterswitch payment page, select your payment card type and fill the form shown with your card number, PIN, and the Card Verification Value (CVV) number (if required)
• Click pay to finalise your transaction. If the transaction is successful, a page will show denoting the success of your transaction; otherwise a page will show the reason for the failure. Please note that no account debit is done if failure is encountered. In case of failure, the subscription process can be re-tried.

• If the transaction is successful, click on the “continue” link; this will automatically log you into the portal. The following operations can be performed by all users within the portal:

• Verify result: This is used to verify the results of candidates by supplying the candidate’s examination number. Different examination types can be clicked in cases where the results of a
candidate who sat for different exam types and years are to be verified.
• Change password: This is used to change the password of the current user.


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