Hello and Welcome to SSCE (WAEC and NECO) Practice Test - English Language

1. You will attempt 20 randomly generated objective questions for 30 minutes.
2. Don't guess answers. Leave answer blank if not sure. Incorrect answers attracts -1 (negative one) and it is cumulative.
3. If time allowed elapsed, your quiz ends immediately and scores will displayed and ranked.
4. Your performance in each of the question attempted alongside step-by-step solutions to attempted questions will be displayed on the screen at the end of the assessment.
5. Fill the form below and Click on the Next button to Begin

Full Name (Surname First):

  1. Afolayan Ololade scores (17) out of 20
  2. Ayi serena scores (13) out of 20
  3. Joey scores (45) out of 78
  4. Pete321321 scores (41) out of 78
  5. Adamasamuel scores (8) out of 20
  6. Ugo scores (6) out of 20
  7. Adamasamuel scores (-5) out of 20
  8. BENNY KITTERA scores (-1) out of 20

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