Lesson Four – Salesmanship And Marketing 

The Relationship Between Salesmanship And Marketing
There have been great controversies over the term salesmanship and marketing. Majority have not seen any differences in the two concepts. They are however related in theory and in practice. The relationship that exists between salesmanship and marketing include the following:

a. Revenue generation
b. They aim at making sales
c. They are target driven
d. They provide goods and services.

a. Revenue generation
Both salesmanship and marketing are skills which help in revenue generation for the government, public, companies and individuals. The two concepts aim at selling goods and services and in-turn increasing the revenue and income of the concerned party.

b. They aim at making sales
The main aim of salesmanship and marketing is to make sales. Both engage in supplying and distribution of goods and services which in-turn makes sales for the company concerned. Salesmanship and marketing create sales.

c. They are target driven
Salesmanship and marketing are skills which are target driven. Salesmen work according to specific targets. Likewise, marketers work toward achieving a set target.

d. They provide goods and services
Both salesmanship and marketing are meant to provide consumers and public with goods and services. Through salesmanship and marketing, goods are made available to those who need them to buy and use,

The Differences Between Salesmanship And Marketing
Though salesmanship and marketing are geared towards the same objective, they have great differences. Their differences are

1. Salesmanship is a skill which involves having relationship with individuals and customers. Marketing is a skill which involves dealing with data.
2. Salesmen do not engage in product development. Marketers engage in product development.
3. It is easy to track-sales. It is not easy to track marketing.
4. Salesmanship deals with selling. Marketing deals beyond selling.
5. There are short term values for sales. There are no short term values for marketing.
6. The formulae for salesmanship application Is 1:1 (one-on-one). The formulae for marketing application is 1:
many. (one-on-many people).


Skills Needed In Salesmanship
Salesmanship is a skillful profession. It needs various skills which needed to be applied for success. Some of the skills needed in salesmanship include the following:

a. Go-getting
b. Mobility
c. Problem solving
d. Communicators
e. Good organizers and planners
f. Naturally persuasive
g. Perseverance, optimistic and strong
h. Disciplined
i. Versatile
j. Self-reliant

a. Go-getting
Salesmen should have go-getting spirit. They should be relentless in their bid to achieve their goals. Salesmen who are successful do not give up easily on issues. They set tasks and ensure the tasks are accomplished.

b. Mobility
Salesmen should not be people who dislike traveling. They should be ready to move at anytime especially if they deal in movable products. They must be able to answer customer’s call.

They should have vehicles, bikes or lorries which they use in conveying products to their customers. They should be ready to travel any distance or length to make sales

c. Problem solving
Salesmen should be skilled at problem solving. They must not be confused to the extent that they will not be able to settle issues and iron things out by themselves.

When customers and clients come to them with problems they encountered when buying and using their products, they should be able to listen to them and solve their problems.

d. Communicators
Salesmen must be good communicators who can explain things to their customers in a simple and clear language. They must be able to listen to their customers and answer them properly.

They must have good language and manner of approach. They must be able to communicate with their customers with the language they will understand.

e. Good organizers and planners
Salesmen must be good organizers and planners. Their sales routine and plan must be properly organized and planned. Salesmen engage in sales activities. As such, the activities should be properly planned and effectively carried out. Salesmen should be able to organize sales exhibition, promotion and rallies. They must be able to plan them and execute them.

f. Naturally persuasive
Salesmen must have persuasive skills. They should be able to persuade and convince their customers to buy from them.

g. Perseverance, optimistic and strong
Salesmen must be people who can persevere, who are optimistic and are strong. Salesmen must be able to bear things and situations. They must not get fed up on little issues.

They must be able to face challenges and overcome them. Salesmen must also be optimistic. They must not believe in impossibilities. They must be strong and believe in themselves.

h. Discipline
Salesmen must be discipline and law abiding. They must be discipline in behaviour, in management and when relating with their customers.

i. Versatile
Salesmen must be versatile in nature. Salesmen must not lack ideas and problem solving skills. They must be able to manipulate their skills and fix any problem brought before them especially when it comes to sales. They must be able to contribute to any issue affecting their jobs and customers.

j. Self-reliant
Salesmen must be self-reliant in nature. They must not be spoon-fed on issues affecting them. They must be able to think alone and take reasonable decisions on issues affecting them.

They must be people who can work with little or no supervision. They must not be people who rely on others before completing an assigned task.

Selling Skills of a Salesman:

A competent salesman should possess the following selling skills:

(i) He should possess time management/organization skills,
(ii) He should possess analytical/diagnostic skills,
(iii) He should possess communication skills.
(iv) He should possess technical skills.
(v) He should possess listening and questioning skills.
(vi) He should possess human relations skills.
(vii) He should possess “closing the sales skills.
(viii) He should possess demonstration and presentation skills.
(ix) He should possess prospecting/lead-generation skills.

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