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The SS1 Physics 2nd Term Lesson Notes is a compilation of notes on the following topics:

Lesson 1: Particle Nature of Matter – Click Here!
Unit 1: Structure of matter
Unit 2: Evidences of particle nature of matter
Unit 3: The Structure of Atom
Unit 4: Energy and the kinetic theory
Unit 5: States of matter

Lesson 2: Electrical Charges – Click Here!
Unit 1: Electric charges and structure of matter
Unit 2: Production of Electric Charges
Unit 3: Detection of charge (The gold leaf Electroscope)
Unit 4: Distribution of charges on a conductor
Unit 5: Lightning and lightning conductors
Unit 6: Conductors, Insulators and Semi-Conductors

Lesson 3: Current Electricity – Click Here!
Unit 1: Definition of electric current, potential difference and resistance
Unit 2: Carriers of Electric Charge
Unit 3: Electric Current
Unit 4: Electric Cells and Production of Electric Current
Unit 5: Electric Cells

Lesson 4: Electric Circuit – Click Here!
Unit 1: Ohm’s Law
Unit 2 Resistance in Series, Parallel and Resistivity
Unit 3: Arrangement of cells circuit
Unit 4: Electric conduction through materials
Unit 5: Electrical energy and Power
Unit 6: Commercial Units of Electric Power

Lesson 5: Magnets – Click Here!
Unit 1: Magnet and Magnetic Materials
Unit 2: Properties of magnets and patterns
Unit 3 Theory of magnetism
Unit 4: Magnetisation and Demagnetisation of Magnetic Materials
Unit 5: The Magnetic Properties of Iron and Steel

Lesson 6: Elastic Properties of Solids (Hooke’s Law) – Click Here!
Unit 1: Elasticity
Unit 2: Hooke’s Law
Unit 3: Experimental verification of Hooke’s Law and Determination of Elastic Constant of a spring
Unit 5: Elastic Potential Energy
Unit 6: Young’s Modulus

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