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The SS1 Data Processing 2nd Term Lesson Notes is a compilation of notes on the following topics:

Lesson 1: Information Processing – Click Here!
Unit 1: Definition of Information Processing
Unit 2: Steps involved in Information Processing
Unit 3: How Information Is Processed
Unit 4: Manual Information System
Unit 5: Automated Information Processing Systems
Unit 6: Components of an Automated Processing System
Unit 7: Advantages of Information Processing
Unit 8: Disadvantages of Information Processing

Lesson 2: Applications of ICT in Everyday Life – Click Here!
Unit 1: Use of Information and Communication
Unit 2: Use of ICT for Timing and Control
Unit 3: Use of ICT for Information Processing and Management
Unit 4: ICT and Society

Lesson 3: Input and Output Devices – Click Here!
Unit 1: Input Devices
Unit 2: Functions of Some Input Devices
Unit 3: Differences between Keyboard and Mouse
Unit 4: Output Devices
Unit 5: Functions of Output Devices

Lesson 4: The System Unit – Click Here!
Unit 1: CPU – Central Processing Unit
Unit 2: Memory/Primary Storage Unit
Unit 3: Differences between ROM and RAM

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