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The SS1 Data Processing 1st Term Lesson Notes is a compilation of notes on the following topics:

Lesson One: Computing Devices and their Usage – Page 2 – Click Here!
Features Common to Computing Devices
Types of General-purpose Computers

Lesson Two: Number System in Computing – Page 3 – Click Here!
Concept of Number System in Computing
Conversion from Decimal Numeral (Base 10) to Binary (Base 2)
Octal Numbering System
Hexadecimal Numbering System

Lesson Three: Generations of Computers – Page 4 – Click Here!
First Generation Computers (1946-1955)
Second Generation Computers (1956-1963)
Third Generation Computers (1964-1971)
Fourth Generation Computers (1972-1989)
Fifth Generation Computers (Present and Beyond)

Lesson Four: Classification of Computers – Page 5 – Click Here!
Classification of Computers by Generation
Classification of Computers by Size
Classification of Computers by Types of Data Handled
Classification of Computers by Degree of Versatility (Purpose)

Lesson Five: Data and Information – Page 6 – Click Here!
Definition of data
Examples of data
Sources of data
Definition of Information
Examples of Information
Sources of Information
Qualities of Good Information

Lesson Six: Data Types – Page 7 – Click Here!
Handling of Data
Ways of handling Data

Lesson Seven: Digitization – Page 8 – Click Here!

Evaluation Tests on SS1 Data Processing 1st Term Lesson Notes – Page 9 – Click Here!
SS1 Data Processing 1st Term Evaluation Tests – FREE Access (20 questions ONLY)
SS1 Data Processing 1st Term Evaluation Tests (Unlimited Questions)

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