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The SS1 Computer Studies 2nd Term Lesson Notes is a compilation of notes on the following topics:

Lesson 1: Input Devices – Click Here!
Unit 1: Definition of Input Devices
Unit 2: Types of Input Devices
Unit 3: Keyboard Structure and Function
Unit 4: Mouse

Lesson 2: Output Devices
Unit 1: Definition of Output Devices
Unit 2: Reasons for Having an Output Device
Unit 3: Examples of Output Devices
Unit 4: Structure of the Monitor
Unit 5: Types of Printers

Lesson 3: Security and Ethics
Unit 1: Sources of Security Breaches
Unit 2: Virus
Unit 3: Hackers
Unit 4: Legal Issues Related To Security and Ethics of Computer and Data Use
Unit 5: Computer Ethics

Lesson 4: Computer Hardware – Central Processing Unit – Click Here!
Unit 1: Control Unit
Unit 2: Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)

Lesson 5: Computer Hardware – Memory Unit – Click Here!
Unit 1: Types of Memory
Unit 2: Differences between Primary and Secondary Memory
Unit 3: Units of Storage

Lesson 6: Logic Circuits – Click Here!
Unit 1: Types of Logic Gates
Unit 2: Uses of Digital Logic States
Unit 3: Alternative Logic Gates
Unit 4: Uses of NAND and NOR Gates

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