Section 1: Roles and Responsibilities of Public and Private School Proprietors

1. Special orientation to school teachers, and other relevant officials involved in school administration on safety and hygiene measures—disinfection, social and physical distancing, hand washing/sanitizing, surface cleaning, use of nose/face masks, respiratory gadgets, waste management and other relevant COVID-19

2. Ensuring adequate provision of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), infrared thermometers, running water, soap, sanitizers (hand and surface), at the school, class entrance and examination halls at all times.

3. Establishing School COVID-19 Referral System including protocols and procedures to follow if candidates, teachers, administrators, and other education personnel that may present show symptoms of COVID-19 while in school.

4. Putting in place temporary isolation centre for any candidate or teacher who displays symptoms of any infectious disease ranging from cough, chicken-pox, measles diarrhea etc.

5. Providing examination halls and furniture to ensure proper observance of social and physical distancing.

5. Maintaining additional classrooms and learning spaces in compliance with safe distancing in schools prescribed for the COVID-19 protocols.

6. Ensuring that the examination halls and classrooms used for examinations are well ventilated.

7. Displaying sensitization posters and materials on school premises and in classrooms to adequately inform and educate candidates and teachers on personal hygiene.

8. Providing water points, soaps at the school gate and entrance to the examination hall including classrooms, following prescribed protocols of COVID-19.

9. Regular cleaning of toilet and good personal hygiene practices for teachers and candidates.

10. Providing infrared thermometers and trained staff to check body temperature of anyone entering the school premises.

11. Establishing and supervising activities of committees to monitor and promote compliance with NCDC and PTF on COVI-19 protocols and advisories in the classes, laboratories and other facilities.

12. Keeping a record of all health-related cases observed or reported during the examination.

13. Collecting and documenting contact of the nearest NCDC office to facilitate communication in case of any emergency.

14. Ensuring that examination halls and classrooms used for examinations are properly prepared to ensure at least 2-meter apart sitting arrangement of candidates before the arrival of supervisors and invigilators.

15. Preparing and displaying the invigilation rosters in appropriate places in the school.

16. Informing the invigilators of their subject/papers in advance of the examination.

Section 3: Roles and Responsibilities of Parents and Guardians

1. Sensitizing their children/wards on the modes of contracting COVID-19 and its symptoms and consequences as outlined by the NCDC and PTF on COVID-19.

2. Generally educating their children /wards (raise more awareness) on the importance of observing the COVID-19 protocols and preventive guidelines which include: no hand shaking, hugging, avoid touching the face, maintain social distancing, sneeze, and cough on flexed elbow (or on a tissue paper which should be properly disposed), avoid indiscriminate touching of surfaces and other unnecessary materials etc.

3. Ensuring provision of uncontaminated facemasks for their children/wards and educate them on the dangers associated with sharing/exchange of facemask with friends. The disposable type should be got rid of properly after use while the washable ones be kept clean always.

4. Encouraging their wards to imbibe the habit of regular hand washing or use of hand sanitizer.

5. Ensuring they provide their wards with all necessary writing materials to avoid exchange with or borrowing from other candidates during the examination.

6. Constantly reminding their wards to always observe social and physical distancing in and outside the school premises.

7. Ensuring their wards stay at home when they are not writing the day’s examination.

8. Closely monitoring children’s state of health for any presentation early signs or symptoms of COVID-19 to avert infecting others and prompt treatment.


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